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bountiful utah preschool
bountiful utah preschool
What are people saying?
"Miss Rachel has built the absolute best preschool you could find! Seriously I knew from the moment I met her she would be an amazing teacher. Each of my children have had the chance to go to little owl preschool and because of different moves, we have also attended other schools. There is no comparison. Miss Rachel is the best. She loves these kids so much and has built an environment where they love to learn and explore. I don't care where we may move in the future, we will drive our kids to her preschool no matter what! She has had such an amazing impact on my kids and our family!!" - Julie B.
"Enroll your preschooler in Little Owls and see marked improvement in mere months. That is what I have seen with my preschooler. When my little one reached preschool age it was a no brainer. I didn't even consider taking my preschooler anywhere else. She has that good of a reputation. My preschooler thinks she is going to Little Owls to play and have fun, but as a mother I notice that her letter recognition, counting abilities, and memorization of the days of the week and seasons has greatly improved over the last few months. I have seen the same advances in speech and knowledge in my family that attends at Little Owls. Miss Rachel is more than a teacher. She is a true friend. I have had family attend her preschool and I have known her personally for years. Part of her amazing ability to teach children is that she truly loves them and cares for each of them. The way she interacts with them gives them confidence to try new things." - Selaina B.
"Rachel is hands down the best preschool teacher in Davis County. She has taught all 3 of my children and they were reading by the time they graduated! My oldest child was put into an accelerated reading program at school because of her foundation at Little Owl. I wouldn't trust my kids with anyone else!" 
-Stacey C.
"Miss Rachel is amazing. I've had two kids graduate from Little Owl Preschool. They are in 4th and 1st grade now and they both still talk fondly of their time there. Miss Rachel has a special gift for working with little ones and I trust her fully with my kids. She makes them feel so special and teaches them essential on-level life and academic skills. I cannot recommend Little Owl Preschool enough. Enrolling here is easily one of the best decisions I've made for my kids in their early years." - Whitney L. 
"Ms. Rachel has been teaching my three kids for years. She connects with the kids and it is clear she truly loves them. Each of my kids have been extra prepared for kindergarten thanks to her. We even stayed with Little Owls after our move to a new home and we drive them to attend there. I could not give a higher recommendation for a preschool!" - Chelsey P. 
"I've had two children attend Little Owl Preschool for two years each, and I've been nothing but impressed with each child's experience. Miss Rachel is energetic, kind, smart, funny, and my children absolutely LOVE her. They thrive in the environment that she provides, and come away each day having learned and grown both academically and socially. She helps them create beautiful and dynamic art projects, and learn new and cute songs based on the unit and season. There is a calendar sent home each month where she outlines the standards they'll be focusing on for that day, and Miss Rachel is always prepared for each class. I just can't say enough about this preschool! Best one out there." - Tori C.
"My daughter absolutely loved Miss Rachel! She was always so happy, energetic, and warm towards the kids. My daughter learned so much through her two years of preschool, and now she is performing at the top of her Kindergarten class!" - Ashley D.
"I can guarantee you will not find a better preschool. Not only has my child learned SO much, he has grown socially as well. He was the shyest child when he first started and now he is a social butterfly. I recommend Little Owl Preschool to literally EVERYONE I meet!" - Kelsey S.
"We recently moved and every preschool in our new city is very big box. I have extremely missed Little Owl Preschool. The one on one attention and love that your children receive from Miss Rachel is hard to find anywhere else. I have had two children attend Little Owl Preschool and years later they still say that preschool was their favorite grade. Their experience here was positive. They learned a lot academically (the reading program is fantastic) and socially. One of my boys was so shy and she was able to help him feel comfortable to speak in front of a group and gain confidence to share his ideas. It changed his life. Miss Rachel is energetic, passionate about what she does, organized and will make your child feel valuable and loved. I would HIGHLY recommend Little Owl Preschool and refer all of my family and friends here." -Erin A.
"Both of my children attended Little Owl Preschool, and had the best experiences! Miss Rachel is kind and loving, and the kids learn so much in a fun environment. As a parent, it’s so comforting to know that when you send your child out of your home for preschool, that you are sending them somewhere where they feel loved, and that is exactly the environment that Miss Rachel has created! I couldn’t recommend Little Owl Preschool and Miss Rachel enough! We loved our experience!" - Lori V.

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  • Little Owl Preschool Facebook Page
bountiful utah preschool
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