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Our Classes
bountiful utah preschool
bountiful utah preschool
Times & Fees
Kindergarten Prep


8:30 - 11:30 am


8:45 - 11:45 am


  • For all students there is a one time non-refundable registration fee of $80. It will secure your child's spot in the class you choose, as well as pay for supplies and activities throughout the year.

  • Children must be four years-old by September 1st and potty-trained. (Exceptions can be made, so please reach out with questions.)

  • Classes are limited to 13 students. 

  • We follow the Davis County traditional school schedule. To view all holidays click the link below.

Classroom Tour
centerville utah preschool
farmington utah preschool

Welcome to Little Owl Preschool! In the entrance you will find a tree which our preschoolers will decorate for the seasons and holidays throughout the year. Our calendar board is down low to hang the new day of the month on the calendar, change the weather chart, and find the current day of the week. The homework wall is high for all to see, so our preschoolers can proudly display their family homework assignments each month.  We also have plenty of room for centers as children move freely and experience hands-on exploration!


We have two classrooms! One is dedicated to academic and social and emotional learning while the other is even larger with plenty of space for hands-on play during centers and music and movement!

While we wait for everyone to arrive, students will choose from different activities such as putting together puzzles, looking through books, writing their names, or tracing/writing letters. 


Welcome Play:

Circle Time:

We begin with the Pledge of Allegiance. This helps the children learn repetition and respect.  Next we discuss the calendar. We learn songs to help us memorize the months of the years and the days of the week. We will then discuss the weather and make predictions. 

Language & Literacy:

We write letters, learn letter sounds, recognize letters in our environment, and understand that letters are used to communicate. This is done through song and hands-on exploration. We will focus on all of the core standards: Literature, Informational Text, Reading Foundational Skills, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language. We begin our READING PROGRAM in September!

Social & Emotional, Math, or Approaches to Learning & Science:

During this time we will explore the daily theme. We will participate in visual arts, music, drama, and dance, to better understand the theme. We will practice ways to properly use tools and equipment while we safely develop our fine and gross motor skills. Children are encouraged to ask questions while we help them connect this information with real-life experiences.

Our social and emotional learning comes from a research based curriculum developed by  the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Center for Healthy Minds, a research organization that studies the science of well-being and examines how to improve it across the lifespan. The Kindness Curriculum focuses on a range of themes, from encouraging kids to distinguish how emotions make them feel on the inside and outside to acts of kindness and forgiveness.

The curriculum originated as part of a research study at the center, where early findings published in the journal Developmental Psychology in 2015 suggested the program could improve both emotional and social measures of child well-being. Children participating in the curriculum not only improved on social and emotional measures such as sharing, attention and empathy, but they also performed better on traditional academic measures such as grades when compared to children in the control group. It is an incredible program and we love teaching it in our preschool!


Hands-on Centers:

This is where the hands-on learning really comes into play. Centers revolving around the monthly theme give children the opportunity to play and discover through language, mathematics, art, dramatic play, puppets, science, games, puzzles, play dough, technology, listening, and a sensory table. These sensory activities will help children develop and use all of the skills we will be learning each day in the absolute best way they learn.

Music & Movement:

During this time we will sing and move to fun songs, poems, and finger plays about our monthly theme and the current holiday. We learn musical themes such as loud and soft, high and low, rhythm and beat, etc. 

Snack & Show and Tell:

Once a month each child brings a treat to share with their classmates. A calendar will be sent home with your child’s day. The child gets to help pass out their treat and it reinforces sharing and the joy of giving to others.  Snack time is also a wonderful social time for the children as they relax and talk about matters that are important to them. On the same day that they share a snack they will also be the "special" preschooler for the day! They get to be our show and tell! At this time we will ask open ended questions and use deductive reasoning to figure out the surprise item or thing they are sharing for show and tell! This is a great way for preschoolers to gain confidence speaking in front of their peers and sharing something that is meaningful to them. 


While we wait for parents to arrive we will talk about what we learned today. Children will take turns telling their favorite activity of the day. Students with completed family homework will share it with the class, and if there is time we will also sing songs and read stories. 

Daily Schedule
farmington utah preschool
When does school start?

Classes begin the Wednesday after Labor Day! Yay!

What if my child is not potty-trained in time?

Potty-training can be difficult especially with late birthdays. However, when children are able to use the bathroom on their own, it gives us a good indication that they are ready for preschool. That being said, we know that accidents happen. We always handle them in the most respectful way. If one occurs, we ask that parents come back to change their preschooler. We have also found that preschool attendance is a great motivation to help your child get great at using the bathroom on their own! Please let us know if you have any questions.

What is the difference between the classes?

Each class offers the same curriculum, but they are just in a different order. The 8:30 am class will begin the day with music and movement and center time, while the 8:45 am class begins with academic and social and emotional learning. Half-way through the day we trade classrooms and teachers. We have loved this approach because the classrooms are set up to best promote the learning that is taking place, as well as the giving children experience with two different teachers with specialized skill sets. 

Why "hands-on" learning?

The best approach to learning for children is through play and hands-on exploration. Play truly is the work of a child, so learning  at Little Owl Preschool is fun and engaging. Academic subjects are taught by seeing, hearing, and doing. Research has shown that we retain 20% of what we hear, 50% of what we see and hear, and up to 90% of what we see, hear, and do. I have seen great success over the years with this approach and the children love it too! Social and emotional lessons are also taught using this method. Preschoolers are given an opportunity to practice the skills they have learned during the lesson, and then with guided help in real-life applications during center time.

What are the COVID-19 procedures?

Due to the hands-on nature of preschool and the contagiousness of the virus we are taking precautions to make preschool as safe as possible. Since social distancing is impossible in this type of environment, we are doing our best to stay safe by washing hands/sanitizing frequently. Surfaces are also sanitized throughout the day as well as a nightly cleaning routine for the entire school. We have families that have high risk members, so we are grateful that these procedures allow for those children to attend. In our experience these last two years, the preschoolers have been wonderful at wearing masks and remembering to wash up. With the vaccines now readily available to the preschool age group, we are no longer requiring masks unless exposed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thanks! 

Find many more answers in our
Frequently Asked Questions
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bountiful utah preschool
centerville utah preschool

Little Owl


2162 Chapel Ridge Circle

Centerville, UT 84014

(801) 923-4466

We are located in Centerville, UT near Bountiful, Farmington, Woods Cross, West Bountiful, Kaysville, and North Salt Lake.

farmington utah preschool
bountiful utah preschool
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